What's next in googleway: load interval

Due: version 2.4

When plotting a large number of polygons/lines/circles/markers etc, the map can often take a while to render in the background before showing anything to the user.

To make it look like the map is actually doing something, you can now simulate the map rendering by specifying the load_interval for each layer

## until v2.4 is released you'll need the development version
 # devtools::install_github("SymbolixAU/googleway")

 mapKey <- 'your_api_key'

 ## using the default legend
 google_map(key = mapKey) %>%
    add_polygons(data = melbourne, polyline = "polyline", 
            fill_colour = "SA4_NAME", fill_opacity = 0.8,
            stroke_colour = "SA4_NAME",
            load_interval = 20)

For more information on googleway developments visit our github page