Support for analytics teams


Dedicated data analytics and reporting teams are becoming common. Access to clean, documented data is more difficult and gaining business support for appropriate staff training or support tools can be more difficult still.

We offer team support and strategy services to help overcome these barriers. We live and breathe analytics development and can bring that expertise in to support your team or align your organisation (or just identify the first few ‘low hanging fruit’).


What we offer


We offer a range of data science team services:

Support for analytics teams - Analytics roadmap 'hack' icon.

Analytics roadmap ‘hack’

These small workshops help you evaluate opportunities, limitations and prioritise projects. The aim is to leave the workshop with one or two concrete projects that your team can use to demonstrate value, to improve processes, or to open up your information for new people or uses.

Support for analytics teams - Data exploration icon.

Data exploration

When you know there is insight, but you don’t know what. These are short, focussed engagements to review processes, explore a data set, and understand your business questions. We provide concrete advice on an analytics development path.

Support for analytics teams -  Team development and coaching icon.

Team development and coaching

We are a small agile team that practice the processes and methods we recommend (like master data management, agile development, and a range of data technologies from no-SQL to R to excel). We provide custom coaching and training for other teams.


Register your interest in future workshops, or contact us to discuss how we might customise a strategy for your specific team.


Why us?


We are business-focussed and analysts ourselves. We have rebuilt the data lookups, we have sat with boards to convince them of the value of data.  

It is important to us that we provide more than software or management consulting. Our clients can expect careful design, customised solutions and knowledge transfer through documentation, training and frequent communication throughout the project.



Free resources

Support for analytics teams -  Example of code help we've provided on Github.

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