About us


From reading C++ and survey sampling books on the holidays, to building apps in our spare time, we are passionate about applying maths to solve real-world problems.  

But working at Symbolix requires more than that.  A solution is not a solution unless it is tuned to our client's needs, and delivers on their definition of 'best fit', not ours.  We are a small core team (with a trusted partner network) who continually challenge each other to better analysis and clear communication: each job will be better than the one before. 


Meet the team

Elizabeth Stark, Managing Director of Symbolix.

Elizabeth Stark
Managing Director

Elizabeth is the Managing Director and head of Data Science Products at Symbolix. She keeps the analyst team productive and works with clients to translate their business needs into a functioning data science solutions in a realistic time frame and budget.

It takes a special type of terrifying to corral the cats of data science and business management into an orderly production of insights. Elizabeth is formally an applied mathematician, a certified scrum master, certified product owner and has over a decade’s experience communicating complex systems to policy makers, stakeholders and the general public. She may also hold National Titles in whip-cracking. But we don't know for certain and, at this stage, are too afraid to ask.

Stuart Muir, Director of Data Science at Symbolix.

Stuart Muir
Director & Applied Mathematician

Stuart (known as Stu around the office) founded Symbolix and is head of Analysis Services. He started his career simulating high-energy fluid flows around black holes but now focuses on everything from automated clustering analytics on multi-million row data sets, down to survey designs for thousands of households or few hundred people (or even a few dozen rare animals).

If it can be solved with some combination of maths, programming and pizzazz, Stu will design a solution. If it involves Fortran or high-speed analytics, he might even whistle happily as he does it.

David Cooley, Lead Analyst at Symbolix.

David Cooley
Lead Analyst

Dave is our Lead Analyst (analytics). If you have interacted with Symbolix on Stackoverflow or github, you’ve probably already met him.

He is currently wrangling data visualisations, mapping tools, android apps and mongo databases. The onerous task of converting the symbols from Marco and Stuart's desk into lightning-fast applications and dashboards falls on Dave. He has a lot to deal with which is why he is on the forums so often.

Marco Lombardi, Statistical Analyst at Symbolix.

Marco Lombardi
Statistical Analyst

Marco is our Statistical Analyst. Although a spatial statistician by training, geography is not his strong suit. If you see Marco, or his luggage, please say, ‘hi’. If you need a survey sample that relies on spatially sampled households, or want to understand changes in grass or frog populations, he’s your man. He has a special affinity for the mysterious world of Bayesian interpretations and Gibbs sampling, and loves the challenge of maximising the information that can be drawn from disparate datasets.

Alex Jackson, Graduate Consulting Analyst at Symbolix.

Alex Jackson
Consulting Analyst

Alex is a graduate consulting analyst with a background in statistics and science. He has a special haircut that keeps him balanced as he bends over backwards to make the reports, communications and analysis just what everyone needs. His high qualifications but young age means he gets all the fun stuff as he learns his way around the world of data and analytics.

Sophie T Kelpie, Office Kelpie at Symbolix.

Sophie T Kelpie
Office Kelpie

Because everyone needs an office kelpie. Sometimes, in the life of any data scientist, the green winking lights of awesomeness turn to the solid red of blergh. When you just need a hug, a tummy rub (no judgement here) or a walk in the sun, Soph is on hand.


And …..?

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