... and then what happened?

Symbolix has been doing data science since 2004 (that's about four years before the term even existed).  At times we've been a little bit more statistical, at others a little bit more data-focussed, or business strategy focussed.

Right now, we are interested in some new things - the potential for open data and open analytics, providing custom analytics layers for big enterprise stacks and providing open, accessible tools for teams just getting started. 

So we've started a new page with this blog - it will give you some background on how we do data science (from the technical and maths stuff to the team and process stuff) as well as updates on what we are doing as a team.

( And more and more often someone gets really excited about deep learning so there will be stuff like that too.  But we don't want to ruin our hipster credentials by talking about the same things as the crowd all the time.  After all, we were data scientists before it was cool. )