Framework for assessing and communicating decision support tools

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Who for? Land Water Australia

What we did:

This work was delivered in partnership with RMCG to provide a trial independent advisory service to assist regional natural resource management (NRM) bodies select decision making approaches, as part of the Land Water Australia “Knowledge for Regional NRM” program.

The purpose of the initiative was to advise and train Catchment Management Authorities on how to select and employ a variety of Decision Support tools.

When choosing a modelling platorm, or planning data collection, the specific needs of the end user are most important. That way, we can focus the selection on the benefits that best fit this bunch of real human beings. Essentially, we always work from the principle that “what’s best” is “what’s best for me and my business?

In delivering this work, we worked closely, as Decision Analysts, with the CMAs involved in the trial, using evidence-based management techniques to develop the question posed, to identify software and other options and to provide expositions of each option’s capabilities within the specific application’s context. Since this project, we have provided similar assistance at the State Government level, and for specific Catchement Management Authorities.