Data management and analysis services - environmental, business and resource data

 Where? Tasmania

Who for? Hydro Tasmania

What we did:

© Andrei Iancu | Dreamstime.comWe provide data management and analysis as-a-service to a number of clients on an ongoing basis. This includes environmental and business operational data. One example of this is the data we maintain, analyse and report on for Hydro Tasmania’s wind farm sites.

At first this involved reviewing the data to establish the benefits and options for using it to manage environment risk onsite (particularly to bird life) and to inform planning decisions. Our services have included the development of databases, channelling of over ten years of environmental survey data and 9 years wind resource data; data cleaning, analysing and reporting.

We have also designed new monitoring programs, ensuring consistency with data already collected. This includes liaising with third party data collection agencies, developing survey timing, metrics and protocols.

Data analysis is provided to the client on an ad hoc basis, for regular reporting cycles (e.g. annual reports) and for long-term reports and scientific papers. DTL | morguefile.

By outsourcing their data in this way, the quality of the data source has increased, the analysis and reporting output increased, and managers and ecologists have been able to concentrate on their own expertise, not data wrangling.

This data has contributed to a number of published papers and conference presentations, part of the client’s commitment to contributing to a wider understanding of environmental risk and management at Wind Farm sites. See references for links.