Analyst/Data Scientist

Applications have now closed for this position.  Thanks to all those who applied and you will hear from us shortly.

About the position:

Our team needs additional support to build quality analytics, manage our data sources and build quality solutions for our clients and the marketplace.  We are looking for someone with strong mathematical and technical (i.e. programming and data) skills.  But more than that - we need someone who enjoys communicating their work and will spend time assisting our clients to understand and use the technical solutions we make.

This is not a senior role, but there is plenty of room to grow.  If you are logical, curious, and have a good technical repertoire of maths and coding techniques you could fit right in.  You will probably also pat the office kelpie-dog at lunchtime and discuss topics like command line tools versus spark, or geo-json versus SQL, or hand-built regression versus machine learning, or why 3D pie-charts are so very, very bad.


  • Given a dataset or business problem you will use applied statistics to explore it (under guidance of senior staff)
  • As part of a team build codes to wrangle data, analyse data, and build models.
  • Program and pair-program in R to produce analysis scripts and reproducible reports and dashboards.
  • Contribute to discussions with the team and clients.
  • Be an active member of an agile team, contributing to discussions about methodology and communication.

Full time is preferred.

Required skills and qualifications


  • Applied maths, statistics and/or computer science tertiary qualifications (and/or relevant experience).
  • Broad knowledge of applied statistics and data analysis/modelling methods
  • Expertise in R
  • Ability to build, maintain, load and query relational databases


  • Demonstrated organisational skills. Ability to work in an agile team (communicating with the team, helping to plan and estimate and meeting sprint deadlines)
  • Demonstrated ability to manage own time and take responsibility for your personal development.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team that includes work-mates, managers and clients.
  • Demonstrated ability to attack and solve problems you've never seen before.
  • Must be happy to share the office with the team dog (no, seriously: this is very important to us).

The following would be beneficial:

  • Other programming languages (esp. python)
  • Experience in cloud environments (esp. AWS)
  • Experience in non-relational databases (esp. mongoDB or dynamoDB)
  • Machine learning/deep learning knowledge
  • Experience building solutions relating to spatial data, open data, operational analytics (esp. in the energy or transport sector).


This is a early career to mid-level position (between 1-5 years experience is preferable). The exact salary will depend on experience and skill levels, and will be discussed during the recruitment process.

About us

We are a small but growing business.  We believe in professional development and support staff to join industry groups and attend conferences and training.  We provide niche consulting, proof-of-concept analytics, coaching and analysis-as-a-service but we work across many sectors.  Our office in Williamstown North has plants, lots of windows, and coffee.